X-mas and soon 2023

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas with loved ones. Now we are moving quickly towards 2023. So take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year.

No New Year’s resolutions, but things i might consider in 2023 for skunck. plz comment am not the one running the show, you are, but its not easy to please everyone. No comments no changes. And you could always drop a comment to von_skunck@hotmail.com

  • Create a Discord channel to bring more people together
  • If more people are together “with Discord” we could try to split in 2 servers when many players and still be together. But to be honest i want leave TS3 if the above is not happening(and TS5 around the corner) is TS3 good enough for NASA its ok for skunck as well i’ll think
  • Change skunck02 to even number of players by default when server is booting(!last spec)
  • more like a wish from me, you with admin right plz dont set a hard ELO on players


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