New Skunck06 renamed to Skunck01

With all latest and greatest of everything except old Quakelive 🙂 Skunck06 is now renamed to Skunck01. Going to upgrade Skunck02, 03, 04 etc

Also a a reminder….

skunck01 by default allows odd number of players ex 7 vs 8 players (!last ignore at boot)

skunck02 by default dont allows odd number of players ex 7 vs 7 players (!last spec at boot)

skunck03 same rules as skunck01

skunck04 same rules as skunck02


new skunck06 server up and running

First of all, no we don’t need yet another QL server… skunck06 is fresh installed with Linux Ubuntu 20.04.3 and with the latest version of python etc. Minqlx installed/compiled and all plugins are at the latest versions. If this turns out well skunck06 will replace skunck01… And of course then i will rename skunck06 to skunck01, but first lets test it…

Why ? some of the new plugins starts to require newer version of python