Happy New Fragging 2021

Thanks for all of you who spend several hours in Quake Live at skunck, we are several “old” dudes and have “fries” enemies seens the beginning of Quake1/QL world. But the last years we have a lot of new players as well and thats really fun.

Cheers and looking forward to 2021 and pumel your asses 🙂

OK rather then put a list of names, i was told this is for each an singel one of your skunck gamers 🙂 once again thanks and hopefully we could aim for a better 2021. If you want you could swish Anron or Gandalf free amount of money to contribute. Ask them for phone number.

Best Ciggars /las

Thanks for the booze

From the bottom of my heart, many thanks and hugs to you all who contributed to this. The names will be presented here, just need to get a list from Anron …

Booze delivery to server admin
Gandalf4i cool ID / quake jacket
Fat serveradmin las and Gandalf4i at my summerhouse (Dec 28 2020)

QL Linux server support


Thank you for contacting the Bethesda Customer Support Team. My name is Emma and I am a member of an advanced team who will be assisting you. Please keep in mind that Customer Support is only able to assist with technically issues. We are only able to assist if you are able and willing to perform the troubleshooting steps that we provide. Unfortunately, Customer Support is unable to assist with Linux. Please reach out to us again in the future if you have any questions, issues, or concerns and we will assist in any way that we are able to.

Thank you,
Bethesda Customer Support

Keep an eye on our official Facebook, Twitter, and website for upcoming news about Bethesda Softworks games here: https://www.facebook.com/BethesdaSoftworkshttps://twitter.com/bethesdahttps://www.bethesda.net

Contacting Steam support

So Steam have dropped the support of Quake Live…

Thank you, von_skunck@hotmail.com, for contacting Bethesda Support!

The support@quakelive.com service is no longer in operation. To get help for Quake Live, you can now search our knowledge base http://help.bethesda.net/ or check the Quake Live Steam forums https://steamcommunity.com/app/282440/discussions/ . If your issue is related to the Steam platform, you should contact Steam Support  https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1223-qroc-4460 .

All future support enquiries should be directed to help.bethesda.net .

Bethesda Customer Support

News about the QL crashes

Hi folks ! i have been searching for a solution on the problem that causes the server to crash when changing map… Anyway it turns out am not the only one with that problem… it fails on API call to Steam. So most likely they updated something….

Telenor Servers are:

skunck01, skunck02, skunck-instagib, skunckTDM01, skunckMatchServer

Bahnhof Server are:

skunck03, skunck04