quake live servers Clean Up

Hi first of all QuakeLive Matters 🙂 Thanks moppas for that, nice nick name perhaps ? Anyway looking at quakelive logfiles there is to many admins and i think to many banned. Last banned was ebar on the main server and crazy many was banned at the skunck02 server for some reason. The problem for me i cant see connect steamID with actually nickname.

Therefore i did some clean up in the skunck quake live server… No one is banned anymore and less admins(there should be banned i know but to many right now) Missing your admins right ? contact me.

I am grateful that so many can help me as admin but please consider this.

  • Think moving players between teams is the main thing i guess
  • Second putting players in spec that is “on the toilet, getting new beer etc”
  • Do not give admins right to every one, common players that we trust no problem, drawback is you cant vote as admin because the vote always let the admins decides whats right

Anyway happy fagging folks 🙂