TBoner this is what a found regarding you PB problemen

Global GUID bans are issued and maintained, exclusively by Even Balance.
Third party anti cheat sites such as PBBans have no input nor control what so ever re global GUID bans, so using the PBBans appeal system to appeal a globally banned GUID is useless for all parties involved.
We (PBBans) will deny the appeal made through our systems due to the above reasons. A troubleticket with Even Balance is the only thing that can help you. Make sure to add any information to it that you think will help your cause (don’t forget your GUID). Also make sure that you have told Even Balance that your ban is a global GUID ban.
Quick info: 1. Global GUID bans are issued and maintained by Even Balance themselves. 2. Third party anti cheat sites have no input what so ever re global GUID bans. 3. Global GUID bans are normally issued by Even Balance after a period of ”silent logging”. 4. ”silent logging” is when cheat use is detected and logged by PunkBuster software but no action is taken at the time. 5. When the ”silent logging” phase is over, Even Balance issue a global GUID ban on every pbguid that was detected during the ”silent logging” phase. 6. The only reason your pbguid appears on the PBBans ban list is because you joined a PBBans streaming server direcly after Even Balance activated the global GUID ban on your pbguid. 7. PBBans has actually done you a favour by letting you know that a global GUID ban has been issued on your pbguid by Even Balance, there will be a lot more players who have joined servers that do not stream and will be struggling to find out what happened.

One thought on “TBoner this is what a found regarding you PB problemen

  1. Hello,

    I checked the PB Banlist and i am NOT on it, nor my GUID is. So, i wonder why i have a Global GUIDE BAN?
    Furthermore, i have registered on this site and got no reply, but i cant put comments on this site under my nickname.
    My antivirus cant cause a Global Guide BAN, because thats not what its made for. Only my firewall could cause something like that, but i dont have any atm.
    Please tell me whats going on?

    Hope you can give some good news?


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